Terms and Conditions


The boring but important part. Please read through before booking.

By booking with Off the Track, you are entering into a contract and agree to the below terms and conditions.

The Owners of Off the Track are Samantha and Ewan Nisbet.

We have tried to keep them short and to the point, but if you have any questions or require further

explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us – at Sam@offthetrackscotland.co.uk.



When you make a booking via our website or directly with us, the below terms and conditions apply. If you book via a third-party site such as Airbnb or VRBO, their terms and conditions apply, and any issues will have to be submitted via the booking platform that you have booked on.

When you make a booking, you do so on behalf of yourself and all members of your party, and the booking is confirmation of understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions by you and each member of your party.

​Bookings can only be made via our website, on third-party websites that we list on, and via email. No booking can be made over the phone.

Any changes must be made via email, or if you booked on a third-party website, you must contact them directly.



All cancellations must be made in writing by email – Sam@offthetrackscotland.co.uk or by post:

Off the Track, Old Waterworks, Crail, Fife, KY10 3XG.


Full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking if the check-in date is at least 30 days away. 50% refund for cancellations made at least 30 days before check-in. No refunds for cancellations are made within 30 days of check-in.

We will always endeavour to honour your booking. However, if reasons out of our control mean we cannot honour your booking, we will give you a full refund. No compensation will be paid for this.


Travel Insurance

We expect all guests to have travel insurance at the time of booking and take no responsibility for those who choose not to. Some things are out of your control, and that is why you need insurance.

Force Majeure: We cannot accept responsibility or liability for any alterations, delays or cancellations, or any other loss or damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, epidemics, acts of any government or public authority, or any other event outside our control.


Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is from 3 pm.

Check-out is at 10 am.

You may be able to check in earlier and check out later if we can accommodate it, please just ask and we will do what we can, but this might not be possible.


What you get

Off the track currently has one lodge on site. We do plan to add another at some point but there is no set date for this yet.

You are hiring the use of our lodge for a self-catering vacation and the lodge should only be used for this purpose. The lodge is fully furnished and sleeps 2 people sharing a king-size bed. The lodge has a kitchen with basic supplies, a shower room, and a living area. Please check our website for more details about what is included. As much as we intend to include all items listed, extras are provided complimentary from Off the Track and it does not change your booking if any of these items are not provided. Our lodges have a limited amount of electricity, hot water, and heaters.

We have a wood-fire hot tub which will be supplied with some wood. Extra wood must be purchased from Off the Track by emailing or calling us and there is a charge for extra wood. Prices may vary as wood prices fluctuate.



It is expected that the lodge is left as it was received (reasonable cleaning expected), and we provide all basic cleaning supplies for guests to do this; otherwise, a cleaning charge will occur.

Please ensure that towels and bedding are not used to remove make-up, fake tan, or dirt. Any stains will result in a replacement charge. We provide a make-up face cloth and soap for you to use.

Do not leave rubbish bags outside, please call us if you need rubbish removed. There may be a charge for this.



Any damage to the property, furniture, equipment, accessories, décor, hot tub, decking, grass, or anything else owned by the track will be charged for.


House Rules

Smoking – No smoking or vaping inside the lodge. If you are smoking outside the lodge, please dispose of your mess safely.

Noise – Please be respectful of the nearby homes and keep the noise to a reasonable level at all times and ensure there is no noise after 10 pm.

Fireworks – No fireworks; it is very unsafe for the animals.

Fires – No outside fires.

Visitors – We ask that guests check with us beforehand if they wish to invite guests to the lodge. If you have unauthorised guests, they will be asked to leave our property and your booking will be terminated with no refund.

Tents – No tents.

Parties – No parties. The lodge is not built for entertaining, it is for 2 adults only.

Corporate Use – Corporate use may be possible at our discretion, but you can only make a corporate booking directly via email.

Septic Tank – Our lodge is not like most homes and connects to mains sewage. Everything you put down our drains and toilet will go into our eco-friendly bio disc plant which can only cope with fluids. NEVER put food, oil, ground coffee, wipes, tampons, nappies, etc down the toilet because it will block the tank and will be very nasty. It may also mean we need to close our lodge for repairs which you may be charged for. The charge to clear the septic tank will be £500+ depending on what has been put down it. and this will be the guests resposibility to cover the costs that accor so please take this rule serious and do not flush anything that shouldn’t be. 

No Pets – The location of our lodge is not safe for pets, and we have decided for that reason not to allow pets. Any guests who do bring pets will be asked to leave with no refund and charged for extra cleaning.

Damages – Any damage to the property, furniture, equipment, accessories, décor, hot tub, decking, grass, or anything else owned by off the track will be charged for.

Also, any non-standard cleaning required because of mess or stains left will also result in a charge.

No Vehicle Charging – Our lodge is as eco-friendly as possible and consumes very little electricity. There is not enough electricity supply to the lodge to charge a car and run electrical goods in the lodge. Along with the lack of supply, we have not factored this very high cost into our price and we will charge any guest £150 for braking with rule.

Children – Children are welcome to stay with an adult using the exsiting bed or a travel cot (if under 2 years old). Any children staying must be authorised by the owner prior to booking. Any booking made which includes a child and the owner has not been notified the booking will be cancelled and no refund will be issued. 



The lodge is not designed to be child safe. We have tried to make it as safe as possible, but there may be hazards. Children cannot be unsupervised at any time, and we do not accept responsibility for any children staying at the lodge. Please note the lodge is in the country near livestock, roads, and burns which are not enclosed. Children cannot use the hot tub while heated and the log burner cannot be used when children are staying in the lodge.


Wood Burning Stove

Be careful when using our wood-burning stove. It is so lovely to sit in front of on a cold evening, but it is hot and can cause harm if not used cautiously and properly.

Pointing out the obvious here, fires are HOT, and you will burn yourself if you touch them.

Here are a few basic rules to keep you and our lodge safe.

  • Do not light if there is a child in the lodge. Even if they are sleeping, it takes a long time to cool down.
  • Do not use it when it is warm outside, the lodge heats up quickly.
  • Only wood provided by Off the Track can be used in the fire. Never add anything other than the wood provided in the stove as this will damage the stove and you will be charged for damages.
  • No more than 1 log is needed at once or the lodge will get too hot.
  • Always use the heatproof glove when adding wood to the stove including opening and closing the door. It will be hot.
  • Never leave the door open.
  • Never leave the lodge unattended when the stove is lit or hot.
  • By lighting the wood-fired stove you are fully responsible for it and you will be fully liable for any damage or fire caused by lighting the stove.

Now open a bottle of wine, get the radio on, and enjoy.


Wood-fire Hot Tub

 Hot tub cover – It keeps the bugs out and the heat in so please always keep the cover on when you are not using it. It is also made of foam so don’t sit on it or use it as a table.

  • Wash with soap before using. Anything on your skin will come off and sit in the pool causing bacteria to grow in the water that you are sitting in (YUCK).
  • Do not have sexual intercourse in the hot tub! Again, bacteria (YUCK).
  • No glass to be used in or around the hot tub. We have provided plastic glasses and if you pull the outdoor table across it will give you somewhere to rest your drinks. Do not eat in the tub, no one likes floaters.
  • The hot tub is wood-fired and doesn’t have a regulator for temperature. It can get very hot!  Please use the thermometer and monitor the temperature. A reasonable temperature is 38 degrees centigrade, which is just above body temperature. If it goes over 40, get out and add a bit of cold water to it.
  • NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, VAPING, OR SMOKING in the hot tub.  The hot water will amplify and speed up the effects of any alcohol or drugs, making you drowsy, and falling asleep in hot water can be very dangerous.  In addition to the risk of drowning, your body cannot regulate its temperature as well, which can lead to serious overheating. YOU CAN GET VERY SICK VERY QUICKLY.
  • Keep all electrics away from the tub – no phones, speakers, etc.
  • No FAKE TAN! It stains the tub and will result in a charge of £120 for extra cleaning.
  • The wood-fire hot tub is not suitable for pregnant women, children, or anyone with underlying health issues which can be affected by using a hot tub.
  • Do not use it if there is a lightning storm.
  • We accept no responsibility for any reactions, illness, or injury to anyone who uses the hot tub. You use it at your own risk.
  • Do not sit on the sofa wet as it stains the sofa. £120 professional cleaning fee will apply. 


Countryside and Wild Life

Wildlife is abundant in the area for you to enjoy.  We have donkeys, cows, sheep, and lots of birds just up the track which you can visit. Please be careful and considerate that you are visiting them in THEIR home.  Always close gates when out walking in the area and never feed any animals.  Be aware that animals, insects, and especially birds can sometimes be noisy and as such, we cannot be held responsible for anything disturbing your peace or entering the lodge.

Please do not litter or leave food or rubbish outside, it will attract animals. 


We are in the countryside and surrounded by fields and farms. We cannot be held responsible for the sounds and smells that may be generated by neighboring sheep, cows, and farmers carrying out their normal farming duties.


WIFI and Mobile Phones

We have no WIFI. Embrace this!

Enjoy the tech-free time as it is very good for your mental health and wellbeing. Enjoy your company and surroundings instead of scrolling.

We are in the countryside, in an area with a very old internet connection which does not work well so the lodge does not have WIFI. You can get Wifi in the bars in Crail/St Andrews/Anstruther, so if you need to log on you can pop down for coffee (or pint) and connect.

Most providers can get a phone signal outside the lodge but again, as in most country locations, you won’t get great 4G.


Vehicle and Personal Property

There is a parking space on the right-hand side of the lodge which will fit one car and a turning spot in front of the lodge. Do not park in the turning spot as this can cause an obstruction if another vehicle needs to access the area.  Do not drive on the grass, it will kill the grass, and we may need to charge a fee for any damage to the grass.

All property and vehicles and left at your own risk.



If you are not happy with something, let us know as soon as possible so that we can try to resolve it.

Please be fair and give us a chance to correct any issues you have. We are all human, and mistakes happen but unless we know about an issue, we cannot fix it or prevent the same issue from happening to other guests. We will always do everything we can to help.

Any complaint made after your stay will likely mean we cannot resolve the issue. We will not refund a guest who complains after their stay without informing us at the time.


Any charges for extra cleaning and damages will be debited directly from the card used to make the booking. We use Stipe which is a card processing facility that holds your card details on file. We will email you to let you know why we are charging you extra and will provide images of any damages when possible. It is the owner’s decision what we class as damages.










Fife Council Short-Term Let Licence Number: FI-00582-F